Unique in Europe

We use an advanced technological system through a selective extraction and highly efficient crystallization procedure, to produce high-quality phyto-complex.

All our manufacturing processes are subject to strict Canapar quality controls and are carried out in our own laboratories, which are set up and equipped with innovative and state-of-the-art instruments.

From Processing to Extraction

From the raw material to the finished product: a controlled process and a guarantee for the customer.

Hemp pelletization

Dry hemp processing and pelletization, a way to protect for a long time and easily convey the biomass.

Lab testing and processing

Onsite pilot plant and full lab including cannabinoids and terpenes HR profile, pesticides, metals, mycotoxins and microbiology analysis.

Extraction of CBD isolates

Continuous-flow cold ethanol extraction, distillation and crystallization.

Extraction of full spectrum oil

Batch-style herbolysis extraction and distillation. Oil formulation equipment.

KPD Vulcan

With the first KPD Vulcan manufactured by Precision, Canapar will be able to produce a clean product that does not require further purification, being wax-free and with a low level of contaminants.

German + Italian Technology

Our company makes use of German and Italian technology. This gives us the possibility to reach the efficiency in our crystallization process.


Environmental sustainability is achieved during the whole production process, by minimising any waste of resources and also by giving value to those derived from the biomass production, extraction and crystallization processes.

Canapar: Natural Pharma.